Custom Programmed Electronic System

With the Parker system, we have developed a control interface for all the electrical aspect of a truck. adaptability is the strong point of the system, with the choice of the varied control panel, some '' touch screen '', others more robust are ready to withstand anticipated maltreatment in a working world.


here is an idea of ​​what is common to do with his systems:

control valves

support engine controls

regulate controls based on sensors

control all the functions of the truck remotely

monitor the health of the system (pressure, temperature, filters, etc.)

automated work sequences

protect the equipment with adjustable safety devices

display system data

Remote diagnostic and adjustments via cellular network


Initially specialised in driveshafts Ateliers M. Driveshaft kept diversifying the range of offered product since its creation in 1975. Our speciality is the expertise of our mechanics, always inclining to offer the best service possible.

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