Truck accessories

Market never cese to develop and it is our role to keep the upper hand on all the ways we can alter the use of a truck.

We are Boss compressor distributors - high end screw compressors


The wide line of hydraulic driven product Made by Dynaset  - Water pump, air compressor, weldor, generators, submersible pumps, water heater, vibrators, magnets 


Electromagnetic brakes by Telma - Abs compatible, a safety or economic way of slowing down a truck. 


The fisher and snowex snow removal equipement- plows, spreaders, whalk behind, liquid salt.


Buyers products- Lights, Boxes, cables, tie down, tarp motors                                            


Initially specialised in driveshafts Ateliers M. Driveshaft kept diversifying the range of offered product since its creation in 1975. Our speciality is the expertise of our mechanics, always inclining to offer the best service possible.

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